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Trouble to use mbuild OutputPath argument when iOS project contains at least 2 extensions

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I wonder if I am the only guy in this case..
Recently, I had to add notification extensions to my Xamarin iOS project (Service extension + content extension).
Everything was fine till I was building with the Visual Studio IDE.
I started to have trouble when I wanted to build the solution as we do into our Continuous Integration system, which mean with msbuild.
In fact, we use the OutputPath argument to put all the binaries in a single place.
The problem is that when I specify this output path, the _codeSignVerify step is generating an error because an extension is not signed.
And in fact, when I look back into the _CodesignAppBundle step, one of my 2 extensions is not signed.

To be clear, the problem is not occurring when:

  • my iOS project only contains one extension, or
  • when I don't set any outputPath.

Here is the command line that is failing:

    msbuild /p:Configuration=Release /target:Build /p:OutputPath=../../build/bin/LambdaCustomer/ ../../Source/Product.sln

And here, the command line that is working:

    msbuild /p:Configuration=Release /target:Build ../../Source/Product.sln

I expect my iOS project that contains 2 extensions to build properly with outputPath argument that is set.
But finally, I had to adapt my csproj and CI scripts in order for my solution to build properly.

Does anybody else meet this problem?
My VisualStudio config is here attached.



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