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Xamarin.iOS, building bindings library for framework

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I know very little about Macs and iOS libraries. I've got the following Framework which I need to use in a Xamarin.iOS application (on a Mac if I have to, but preferably in Windows environment). I do not have the source code, only these files.

DMSDK.framework \ Info.plist
DMSDK.framework \ DMSDK <- 32 MB file with no extension
DMSDK.framework \ CameraSettings_iOS.json
DMSDK.framework \
DMSDK.framework \ Modules \ module.modulemap
DMSDK.framework \ Headers \ a bunch of .h header files

From what I've read, the DMSDK file is the static library and should end in .a. There are also references to needing a .m file, but I have a .modulemap file.

I've tried following the instructions on how to build a bindings library, but keep running into issues. I ran Objective Sharpie and have some success, but they keep referring to using the .a file and building a fat binary, etc.

Do I have all that I need or are files missing in order to accomplish this?
Does the fact that there is no .a file mean anything?

I'm fearing my only option to use this library is to learn Xcode.

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