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Mac pairing stability issues

DavidJadeDavidJade USBeta ✭✭

So what is the trick to getting a stable pairing with my Mac, which sits right next to me on Ethernet?

I constantly get disconnects, or what seems to be some sort of corrupted pairing state several times an hour (refusing to build with cancelled tasks on the Mac side, the whole list of iOS simulators just randomly disappearing, etc...). I find that I have to manually disconnect/reconnect the Mac from VS 2017 about every 3 builds or so to keep it working. Or I have to shut down VS and restart it, etc... No matter what I do though it doesn't stay stable for more than a couple of hours even in the best case. And nearly every time I plug in a physical device, I lose the list of simulators in VS 2017.

I'm a long time Xamarin user going back to the early days and I am so frustrated here as it absolutely is killing my productivity having to constantly restart/disconnect/reconnect multiple times an hour. I find the current state of iOS development less stable than even the earliest MonoTouch Pro days.

How do I send someone logs on what is going on?

I am using VS 2017 Enterprise on Windows, with VS Mac 2019 on the Mac side. I cannot upgrade to VS 2019 Windows at this time.

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