NavigationPage.TitleView Height - Android vs iOS

MigokMigok Member ✭✭


On android, titleView does not seem to have a fixed size. On iOS it does.

Here is a sample :




Result is fine on iOS :

But on Android :

Should I force the height of the image if running on Android ? At what height ?


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  • jezhjezh Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    This happens when the picture is large, so you can replace it with a smaller picture.
    Or just as you said, set height and width of the image,of course we need to adjust the length or height of the image according to the actual effect of the picture running on the device.

  • MigokMigok Member ✭✭

    The behavior looks really different between android and ios. I used a big picture to illustrate my problem.

    With android, titleView height adapt to content.
    With iOS, content adapt to titleView height.

  • MigokMigok Member ✭✭

    Got it, thanks jezh

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