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Xamarin Forms 1plus6 issue

Hi i have a Forms app running on Android, working fine apart from the specific device 1plus6 on version 9.0

When a click event occurs on this device "TapGestureRecognizer", the TranslateTo function does not work as expected, the below code moves the view about 5mm from the left, every other device is moving the view as expected.

await myView.TranslateTo(250, 60, 100);

Is this a known issue, are there any fixes for this?


  • Tracy320Tracy320 Member ✭✭✭

    Could you please share a basic demo ?

  • Craig_MacCraig_Mac Member

    i have attached a basic xaml file with what i am doing, there is a lot more controls which i have removed, which i expect will not be the issue here.

    btnNav.GestureRecognizers.Add - this method gets hit but the mainView.TranslateTo(250, 60, 100); is not working on the 1plus6, it is working on every other device and emulators with the same 1plus6 setup.

    if you require an actual test VS project let me know.

  • JarvanJarvan Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    It may be caused by some special settings of the 1plus6‘s View.

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