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Incompatible iOS versions 12.4 12.8

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Ive got VS 2017 (15.9.11) running on my win 10 pc and have been happily connecting with a mac which has VS
recently I upgraded the Mac to a machine which could run Mojave and therefore latest ver of xcode
the VS on the mac is 8.02
When trying to connect to the Mac I get the message that the version of iOs on the Mac is incompatible with the one on the Win10 machine. This (as I have read) is an issue which has popped up several times in the past (I can find references to xamarin .iOS 11 but a) none of the suggestions are helpful and b) do not refer to these version) There is ver 12.4 (x.iOS) on the Win 10 and ver 12.8 (x.iOS) on the Mac. Therefore it wont let me connect to the Mac. It offers to 'downgrade' the Mac but previous posts seem to say that this messes things up.
Is there anyway of getting 12.8 on the Win10 machine rather than downgrading the Mac?
I have upgraded to the latest v Xam.Forms (even tried the prerelease but this does not install Xam.iOS 12.8) on the Win10 machine

Is the only answer to reinstall VS for Mac ? If so how to prevent it updating to 12.8?

Is the only answer to keep the two separate and just transfer the project when I want to build for iOS?
(therefore the useful 'connect to Mac' is useless)

Any suggestions gratefully received !

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  • johnm0101johnm0101 Member ✭✭

    Many tx

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