Xamarin Android support.V7 and V4 Breaking the VS2017 design view in V28.xx

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Hi All

I updated my App to V28, now the design view is full of red error patches.

I tried to delete an reinstall packages to no result.

I tried a basic template with V27 and it works, and design view works

V28 appears to have broken up the few V7 and v4 support nugets into multiple inter dependent nugets which have to be uninstalled inthe right sequence, so now I am going back and forth trying to revert to v27

Please fix this



  • jezhjezh Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    I'm sorry for the problem you have met.
    In general, when we install nugets, some nugets have the version conflict problem whether it's V28 or v27.
    We'd better make sure the relevant Nuget versions are consistent so that we can avoid some matching errors.
    Of course , xamarin development team will try their best to improve user experience and make it more flexible to use.

    And thanks again for bringing this up with us.

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