UrhoSharp raises error when running on HDR display


I have a problem, when I try to run my UrhoSharp application when I turn on the HDR mode on my monitor. The application (which is of WPF kind) then crashes. This is the log from command line:

Tue Apr 9 16:47:44 2019] INFO: Opened log file Urho3D.log
[Tue Apr 9 16:47:44 2019] INFO: Created 7 worker threads
[Tue Apr 9 16:47:44 2019] INFO: Added resource package C:/Projekty/Prj/MetalStreamGame/MetalStreamGame/MetalStreamGame.WPF/Assets/CoreData.pak
[Tue Apr 9 16:47:44 2019] INFO: Added resource path C:/Projekty/Prj/MetalStreamGame/MetalStreamGame/MetalStreamGame.WPF/Assets/Data/
[Tue Apr 9 16:47:44 2019] ERROR: OpenGL 2.0 is required
[Tue Apr 9 16:47:44 2019] INFO: Set screen mode 1920x1080 windowed
[Tue Apr 9 16:47:44 2019] INFO: Initialized input
[Tue Apr 9 16:47:44 2019] INFO: Initialized user interface

Wyjątek nieobsłużony: System.AccessViolationException: Nastąpiła próba odczytu lub zapisu pamięci chronionej. Często wskazuje to, że inna pamięć jest uszkodzona.
w Urho.Application.Application_Run(IntPtr handle)
w SoftBodyXamUrho.WPF.GameStarter.startGame() w C:\Projekty\Prj\MetalStreamGame\MetalStreamGame\MetalStreamGame.WPF\GameStarter.cs:wiersz 58
w SoftBodyXamUrho.WPF.App.Main() w C:\Projekty\Prj\MetalStreamGame\MetalStreamGame\MetalStreamGame.WPF\obj\x64\Release\App.g.cs:wiersz 51
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(Sorry for Polish langualge in the log, but I think that it isn't very confusing).
It seems that I don't have the OpenGL 2.0 driver installed, but I must have, because the app works when I switch off the HDR mode.

I will be grateful, when somebody help me.




  • utekaiutekai USMember ✭✭✭

    When in such situations ... seek out the 'ERROR'.

    This may help you proceed.

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