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App crashes when start

gmartinogmartino Member
edited April 2019 in Xamarin.iOS

I have developed my App in xamarin.ios. It works on the simulator but not working on phisical device Iphone 8 12.2.
I used TestFlight to publish the App on Apple Store, therefore it is been validated by Apple.
I get this error when App start:
Unhandled managed exception:
Failed to construct UserRepository (MvvmCross.Exceptions.MvxIoCResolveException)
at MvvmCross.IoC.MvxIoCContainer.IoCConstruct (System.Type type, System.Reflection.ConstructorInfo constructor, System.Object[] arguments) crashes when appear initial view..



  • NicoHaslbergerNicoHaslberger ATMember ✭✭

    Sounds like a linking issue! Do you have the linker enabled when you build the package for the app store?

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