Is Xamarin an option in my case -> Windows & MacOS application?

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Hi there

I got a windows application (WPF/C#) that I did like to have running on MacOS in future as well, and having most of the code shared instead having to seperate projects to maintain, using Visual Studio 2017. Note: It is not a mobile app and never goes mobile.

So I started looking for options in terms of cross plattform development, came across Xamarin and now wondering if Xamarin could be an option for "migration".

I started with the first classes on the Xamarin University and created first couple hello world projects, start to like it alot!

However, I wonder if Xamarin is the right choice because beside of other features I have the following functionalities in my app:

  • Intense use of Keyboard "Shortcuts" configured in the application (like CTRL+1, CTRL+2 etc)
  • Videoplayer -> Save position in a video (start/stop for cutting/replay for example)
  • Videoplayer -> Load clips from (local) file system
  • Videoplayer -> Slowmotion, picture for picture forward/backward
  • Load & Save Configuration/Project Files
  • Export Data to PDF file
  • Demo & Licence Management via wyDay
  • and more...

After my first investigations I am worried that especially the above mentioned functionalities can not be covered using Xamarin (Forms).

Highly appreciated any input and thoughts!


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