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i'm using a tabbed page in my application with three tabs = Tab 1 // Tab 2 // Tab3. All three tabs switch between navigation, it it possible to override one of the buttons ? I'm aiming for the following, if tab2 is clicked then a model page pops up rather than the standard navigation.


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    @ColeX Thanks! all worked well, I added the below line to stop the transaction of the page changing behind the modal popup.

        private void MainPage_CurrentPageChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
            int index = this.Children.IndexOf(this.CurrentPage);
            if (index == 1)
                this.CurrentPage = this.Children[lastIndex]; //This stops the page changing delay behind the modal popup
                this.CurrentPage.Navigation.PushModalAsync(new AddTransactionPage());
            lastIndex = index;
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