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How to implement automatic proximity discovery between devices to a Xamarin Android app?


I'm completely new to Xamarin and my programming experience is mostly in game development with Unity3D/C#.

I'm trying to make an Android app that can sense other devices nearby using Bluetooth without pairing the devices manually. I need the devices to share custom app information whenever they reach bluetooth distance of each other without user intervention.

I know Windows 10 has the nearby share function but I haven't found whether it's supported in Android yet. I assume it should work similar to Airdrop in Macs of which I have no experience. Is this functionality even supported yet in Android?

Further, is such functionality supported in Xamarin framework level yet? If it is, is there a Xamarin tutorial or a project that is well documented so that a Xamarin novice like me can understand it?

Is bluetooth the right technology for such a need or would GPS localisation or something else be better or more reliable?

Thanks in advance!


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