Logcat Device Log Problems

I've had a plethora of problems with the device log, and weirdly enough i can't find any answers to them, so I might be missing something obvious here.

First off, I cannot choose any Device in the "Choose Device" drop down, it only has "Choose Device" as its only option. This occurs even when I have a device running.

Hence all the buttons are not enabled and are greyed out.

There's no info being outputted whats so ever.
Furthermore, from what I understand I should also have access to a couple of filter options as well, that I do not have access to.


  • JarvanJarvan Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Could you post a screenshot to display the problem?

  • RobertPRobertP Member

    I have this same problem. I've attached a screenshot. You can see the emulator is running. The device monitor is connected. VS2019 is connected to the device. And even an 'adb logcat' can display the log. But the device never appears in the Device Log dropdown.!

    Edit: I can't post the link to the pic, I "have to be around a little while longer..." GRR (https : //us.v-cdn.net/5019960/uploads/editor/i5/o8dcobh56y2b.png

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