SKCanvasView - Viewing huge image part by part on SKCanvasView using Touch Events

I need to achieve Swipe, Pinch Zoom and double tap zoom on SKCanvasView. I am trying to achieve uisng Touch event which is available on SKCanvaView Control. If you have sample code which can help me to achieve this will be more appreciating.

Basically, Just brief about what I am trying to do in my application. I am developing image viewer application where I get drawing instructions such as shapes & huge Images. Which I have to draw onto the canvas. Basically simulating scrolling to view entire image part by part on SKCanvasView.

Is my approach good?

Apart, I had tried placing SKCanvas onto ScrollView control at absolute position and on scroll I was updating Canvas. But looks like pinch & double tab is not possible as scrollview does not fire these build-in Gestures.

Sorry for broken english. Let me know if you need to any clarification to understand my requirement.

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