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I am having some trouble getting rid of an iPone I'm not using for development any longer from the list of devices to debug on in Visual Studio (both for Mac and PC).
I previously set up an iPhone (calling it P1) to be connected via network to MyMac in the device list in Xcode.
Later I received a newer phone (P2), and my colleague took over P1. I made sure to uncheck the network connection in Xcode on MyMac.
He is using it cabled from a separate mac (HisMac) without issue, but for some reason it will still show up as "P1 - Connected via network" in Visual studio on MyMac, AND in Visual Studio on my Windows PC (MyWin) paired with MyMac! It does not show up in Xcode at all unless connected by cable.
Not the biggest issue ever, but in addition Visual Studio seems to prefer P1 over P2 and changes to it at seemingly random times, either when I stop a debugging session, or when I need to dis/re-connect P2

So far I've tried:

  • Reconnecting P1 to MyMac, re-check the Xcode setting for debug via wifi, then unchecking it again
  • Disconnecting P1 from our wifi, this makes it disappear from VS, but it shows up again once I reconnect it.
  • Removing P1s UUID from the Apple developer portal
  • Changing the IP address of P1, and making it forget/reconnect/renew lease to our wifi

Trying to actually deploy/debug to P1 it gives me this error:
warning HE0049: Ignoring wireless connection to P1 because wireless debugging is disabled for this device.
Please connect the device 'P1'...

I'm suspecting that Visual Studio for Mac has cached somewhere that it knows about P1 and recognizes it when it shows up on the network, but where and how I don't know. Considering re-installing VS on mac as my next move if it's not possible to remove it any other way?

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