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Still problems getting java bindings to work as expected

i hv a problems with java binding,
i try change de visibility in metadata, but not work... in api.xml i see the class and the visibily is public

in my c# class i dont see getdal method

tks you for any help,


  • jezhjezh Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Could you please post more details about this?

  • StrasterStraster Member ✭✭

    my metadata

    but i dont see method getDal

    **in api.xml i see all methods
    <class abstract="false" deprecated="not deprecated" extends="java.lang.Object" extends-generic-aware="java.lang.Object" final="false" name="NeptuneLiteUser" static="false" visibility="public">
    <method abstract="false" deprecated="not deprecated" final="false" name="getDal" native="false" return="com.pax.dal.IDAL" static="false" synchronized="false" visibility="public">
    <parameter name="p0" type="android.content.Context">
    <exception name="Exception" type="java.lang.Exception">
    <method abstract="false" deprecated="not deprecated" final="false" name="getInstance" native="false" return="com.pax.neptunelite.api.NeptuneLiteUser" static="true" synchronized="true" visibility="public">
  • AbuelhijaAbuelhija Member

    same problem
    any idea?

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