Can I have web service client in one solution call a web service in another solution?

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I apologize in advance if this is a duplicate - I was having some issues with my login and wasn't sure if the original post went through.

I am working on building a client/server solution where the client is Xamarin Forms and the server is MVC. For several reasons I need to keep these as separate solutions. Within the server solution I have a very simple client that allows me to test connectivity and basic responses of GET and POST. These calls work when I run the server solution and access the server using the client in that solution. However, when I try to hit the server with a very similar call from the client in the mobile solution I am always receiving a "401.2 Unauthorized" error on connecting.

I have Windows authentication turned on for the server, and both clients are using HttpClient with the HttpClientHandler set to use default credentials. Are there some IIS Express or Visual Studio settings I have to setup to allow cross-solution access?


Ron L.

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