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April 10: Boston, MA - How Analysis Is Changing with Mobile

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How App Usability, Functionality, and Analysis are Changing with Mobile
for the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) Greater Boston Chapter

April 10, 2014
5:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Sun Life Learning Center, Wellesley MA
112 Worcester St, Bldg. 4 (Learning Center) Wellesley Hills, MA 02481

Now we’re building apps for Android, iOS, Windows phone, and mobile web but is requirements gathering really any different? This talk will cover mobile mock-ups, usability, and important differences between PC web browser and mobile application analysis. Many of the fundamental concepts remain the same, so how do we leverage what we know? Wireframing certainly won’t go away but mobile UI patterns change our approach. A touchscreen isn’t a mouse at all. Instead of drag and click we have tap, swipe, pinch, press, and rotate. What about offline use? With mobile it’s standard practice. Learn how apps should work even when the connection is down. Desktop PCs don’t move around like mobile phones do – so location services are a key difference: GPS, cell triangulation, to the newest location technique: iBeacons. Enterprise apps are now a family of apps: web, mobile web, and mobile native, for as many as 4+ platforms! Some are HTML5 and some are native. What are the differences and how do we approach these differently from an analysis standpoint? Lastly, what technologies are available to develop all these apps and when should we use what?

We’ll address these topics from the standpoint of mobile application analysis:
wireframing, user interfaces, offline use, location, HTML5 vs. native apps, Technology options

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