Can AbsoluteLayout be used to stack elements vertically?

noob8129noob8129 Member ✭✭

Instead of using StackLayout, can I use AbsoluteLayout to do the same thing? The height of each element depends on its content, so I can't hard-code height or Y-axis proportions. I'm trying to use AbsoluteLayout in ListView since I'm having performance issues with other layouts on iOS.


  • RHudsonRHudson CAMember ✭✭✭

    Can you post your XAML so we can see what exactly you're trying to do? And to see what is causing performance issues?

    I've done some very complex ListViews, with template selectors, and they've been buttery smooth on ios

  • noob8129noob8129 Member ✭✭

    @RHudson I can't post it right now, but I reduced the issue to the fact that I have a label with multiple spans. Seems like iOS ListView is performing badly with spans.

    I'm guessing my issue is the same as this:

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