.net core and serial usb drivers

Hi all, I’ve been building an Android/Xam Forms app in dotnetcore 2.0. I need to communicate via USB serial (wireless is not an option). I’m not having to much luck finding a driver. Seems to be because all the variations of hardware that must be supported.
1. Is there one/some out there that i missed?
2. Should i do it the old way and wrap a jar with a native binding and use a java implementation instead?
3. Should i move my solunion to .Net 4.x and forget dotnet standard for this app?
thank you,


  • BrianAdamsBrianAdams Member ✭✭

    Hello again, First, I have a typo above, meant .net standard 2.0...
    I went with option #2 and I'm using good ole LusoVU.XamarinUsbSerialForAndroid package. It's wrapping a java jar but it allows me to stick with .net standard 2.0.

  • utekaiutekai USMember ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the followup, you gave it ... straight from the heart.

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