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Xamarin.Essentials Setup Error

I just started developing with Visual-Studio/Xamarin/Forms yesterday. I got everything set up, and was able to successfully create an APK. However, I just ran into my first problem when integrating Xamarin.Essentials into the solution. After installing Xamarin.Essentials via the Nuget package manager to my entire solution, and adding "using Xamarin.Essentials;"to the top of my script along with all the other references, the console gives me one error "The type or namespace name 'Essentials' does not exist in the namespace'Xamarin'(are you missing an assembly reference?)". I've tried cleaning, then rebuilding the entire solution to no avail. I cant seem to find how to use code tags in this forum. But the problem occurs whith the line "using Xamarin.Essentials;". I'm sure that there is a simple fix. But I'm new....

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