Configuring the Development Environment (Windows 10)

Hello to the community, I'll try to keep this brief and succinct.

I've been developing a Xamarin cross-platform project for school and have been into it for 2 months. I'm on a Windows 10 machine running Visual Studio Community Edition. Early on there were many stumbling blocks to get my local machine to the point where it could run even a blank "Hello Xamarin Forms" project in an Android Virtual Machine. The assignment is complete now, but now that its sent to my instructor he's having a lot of the same errors I remember running into and it's holding up the project being graded. It builds and runs on my machine, but not on his. The errors he's hung up on now are

No resource found that matches the given name: attr'colorPrimary' (among many other colors) in an auto-generated file called "styles.xml". I think I solved that by updating AppCompat in NuGet.

Is there some kind of setup guide for this? This is a huge assignment it's not really an option to let it fail.

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