Xaml Error when creating our own content page

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I create a content page of my own called BaseContentpage. When I called it from my XAML page. It always gives a compile-time error. it is not issued when I run the app it runs smoothly. I cannot understand the problem.

My base content page

       public abstract class BaseContentPage : ContentPage
          public readonly BaseViewModel BaseViewModel;

       protected bool _isNavigated = false;

           public BaseContentPage(BaseViewModel baseViewModel)
    BaseViewModel = baseViewModel;

public abstract void Navigate(SelectedItemChangedEventArgs e);
protected abstract override void OnAppearing();
protected override void OnDisappearing()
    _isNavigated = true;

My XAML Page

     Title="{Binding PatientWard.Name}">

it gives a compile time error

Error XLS0414 The type 'views: BaseContentPage' was not found. Verify that you are not missing an assembly reference and that all referenced assemblies have been built. DipsDemoXaml PatientListViewPage.xaml

How to fix this compile time error

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