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Xamarin Certification Tracks Exams doubt please help

Quico20Quico20 USMember ✭✭
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I'm studying to achieve the Certification for Xamarin Certified Professional and Xamarin Certified Developer, so far i'm at 3 courses left to be eligible to take Xamarin Certified Professional Exam, my question is the following one:

are the Certification Track enough for me to pass the test??? I mean because there are many other topics between Xamarin.IOS, Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.Forms and even though I complete the requierements to take boths tests, I can see that there will be topic that I wont be studying yet, like for example XAM205 Navigation Pattern in Xamarin.Forms or XAM290 Master-Detail and Drawer Navigation, I mean I will study those topics but right now since Xamarin University is closing by the end of next month I really want to earn my certifications.

So in the exam will I see questions from topics not recommended in the certification track or the question found will focus entirely on the topics covered by the Certification Track???

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