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UIKit Consistency error using Akavache Sqlite in Xamarin.Forms

I'm getting this error when I use Akavache's GetAndFetchLatest:

UIKit Consistency error: you are calling a UIKit method that can only be invoked from the UI thread.

It seems to only have started when I added the Akavache Sqlite linker override files.

Anyone have a clue why this would happen?

Linker File:

using System;
using Akavache.Sqlite3;

// Note: This class file is *required* for iOS to work correctly, and is 
// also a good idea for Android if you enable "Link All Assemblies".
namespace MyApp
    public static class LinkerPreserve
        static LinkerPreserve()
            throw new Exception(typeof(SQLitePersistentBlobCache).FullName);

    public class PreserveAttribute : Attribute

Akavache Code Snippet:

var cache = BlobCache.LocalMachine;
var cachedPromise = cache.GetAndFetchLatest(
    () => GetAllRemoteAsync(parameters),
    offset =>
        TimeSpan elapsed = DateTimeOffset.Now - offset;
        var invalidateCache = (force || elapsed > new TimeSpan(hours: 0, minutes: 30, seconds: 0));
        return invalidateCache;

cachedPromise.Subscribe(subscribedData => {
    response = subscribedData;

response = await cachedPromise.FirstOrDefaultAsync();


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