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UITest Command Line for App Center isn't working. Can i get information pls?

SuviSuvi Member ✭✭

This is just a sample build to understand Xamarin UITest. I'm new to Automation Testing.

Error: Cannot find test-cloud.exe, the path specified by "--uitest-tools-dir" was not found.
Please check that "C:\Users\Suvi.nuget\packages\xamarin.uitest\2.2.7\tools\test-cloud.exe." is a valid directory and contains test-cloud.exe.
Minimum required version is "2.2.0".

But I double checked the /path I gave is right.
This is my CLI command.

appcenter test run uitest --app "Suvi-MBS/RPNCalculator" --devices ddfd60a0 --app-path C:\Users\Suvi\source\repos\RPNCalculator\com.companyname.rpncalculator.apk --test-series "master" --locale "en_US" --build-dir C:\Users\Suvi\source\repos\RPNCalculator\UITESTXX\bin\Debug --uitest-tools-dir "C:\Users\Suvi.nuget\packages\xamarin.uitest\2.2.7\tools\"

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