Cannot get Azure notifications working reliably

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Since Google forced the upgrade to 8.0, I cannot get notifications working reliably. Specifically, if the user puts my app into the background attempting to receive or perhaps display notifications causes a crash. It takes some time and/or number of notifications to cause the crash, usually a minute or two, and/or half dozen messages.

Google talks about calling methods like StartForegroundService() and StartForeground() in order to get things to work, but I cannot figure out how this fits into the Xamarin framework. StartForegroundService is supposed to be called in the MainActivity's OnCreate, and then StartForeground in the Service's OnCreate within 5 seconds. Well there is no way that is happening in 5 seconds.

Many Xamarin sample projects are old and/or limited in scope. How do you create a user app that can be put into the background, receive Azure push messages and display notifications without crashing on Android 8.0+?

And what, if anything, does this have to do with JobScheduler?


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    Any hints? Xamarin development is 5% of my job so a push in the right direction would really help.

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    I implemented JobScheduler. This did not fix the problem.

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    Currently I am getting:

    Java.Lang.IllegalStateException: Not allowed to start service Intent { flg=0x1000010 pkg=com.rimex.tyresense cmp=com.rimex.tyresense/md5bf34da605c12d097dc5a495af95e9376.AzureListenerService (has extras) }: app is in background uid UidRecord{97b888d u0a173 TRNB bg:+4m43s213ms idle change:idle procs:1 seq(0,0,0)} occurred

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    Trying out

    I added the app as is to my Firebase account, then downloaded/installed the google-services.json and it seems to run okay (shows token and can subscribe to topic) but Google's "Checking if the app has communicated with our servers..." never returns.

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