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March 12, 2019 - @JHBMSDUG - Xamarin Forms: Creating Controls, Renderers and Effects for UI Reuse

AllanPeadAllanPead ZAInsider, University, Developer Group Leader ✭✭✭

Community Update and Hackathon Chat

Some folks have expressed interest in having a hackathon. We’ll use this time to get your input and ideas around this, as well as giving an update of what’s happening in the community over the coming months.

Speaker : Dustyn Lightfoot

Xamarin Forms: Creating Controls, Renderers and Effects for UI Reuse

Being a Xamarin developer, one of our main goals is to be able to share as much code as possible between our applications. We often forget that we are also able to share a lot of our UI code, not only within our application, but also across all of our projects. One of the best ways to reuse UI code is through the use of Custom Controls, Effects and Custom Renderers.
In this session we’ll discuss some of the benefits of controls, renderers and effects, when to use each of them, and then dive straight in to a hands on live coding session where we’ll learn how to create controls, renderers and effects with bindable properties for some great customisation.

Speaker: Dustin McDonald

Event URL:

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