Admob alternative for both ios and android?

joellinderjoellinder SEMember ✭✭

Hello fellow developers!

I'm in a quite sticky situation at the moment. Just as me and my team released our app last week our admob
account was suspended for 30 days. The cause was one of my associates who thought it was a great idea to attempt
to inflate our earnings by clicking our own ads smh, Which not so surprisingly lead to the ban.

You see this project is part of a high school course in entrepreneurship and we are short on cash to keep up with our
server bills. So i spent the last couple of days searching after an alternative network with good xamarin support.

I've tested so far to attempt binding libraries for StartApp, IronSource, InMobi and Mopub but without much success
and no success at all at binding the ios libraries.

So my question is if any of you have successfully integrated any other ad network than admob into your Xamarin.Forms app.

Thanks in advance.

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