Missing assembly reference on VS 2017 Windows, but not in VS 2017 for mac.

deb001deb001 Member


I am very new to Xamarin, i recently downloaded a Xamarin Vitamio project at github. com/shaxxx/Xamarin.Vitamio .

I open it in Visual studio 2017 community 15.9.6 (Windows) and it complaints about type or namespace does not exists in the namespace IO.Vov.Vitamio. It looks like it cannot find the classes in the vitamio library (Missing assembly reference). But i can build it successfully.

With the same code, i open in Visual Studio 2017 for Mac community version 7.8.1 (build 4), it works ok, no complaints at all. Intellisense is working too.

Do you know why? Is it because of binding jar/aar related issues?

Any helps will be appreciated!



  • DipakPatilDipakPatil Member ✭✭

    I think it's because of upgrading visual studio. when we update visual studio sometime it shows this type of issues. you need to downgrade xamarin forms version as per the respective project.

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