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Has anyone been able to obtain QuickTime metadata using the MonoMac.QTKit? I noticed that the Apple objective-c development environment does have APIs for these items, but I couldn't find anything in the Xamarin version. I am successful in using the basic attributes, but can't get to any of the user supplied attributes that exist in the QuickTime metadata.

        QTMovie movie = new QTMovie(mediaFile, out error);

        NSDictionary attributes = movie.MovieAttributes;

In addition, in the movie.MovieAttributes I am having difficulty in using the duration field which is an NSValue and can't seem to create a QTTime structure out of it.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.




  • RobertDalyRobertDaly USMember ✭✭

    Thanks anyway to all readers! I found that I have to use the AVurlAsset and associated methods to do this.

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