Is Xamarin Forms + C#.Net a viable solution for large desktop applications

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Our company owns a large medical software that's today limited to Windows Platform.
This software package is a big piece in terms of size (>600 dialogs, 1600 files), instruments to which it connects to (medical devices, cameras) and performances (image support up to 2 GB per image, high speed reads, imaging data reduction...).
For the next generation, we were targetting C#.Net + WPF but that would still limit us to Windows platforms only.
We are looking at C#.Net + Xamarin Forms but it is not clear to us if this technology is suitable for large desktop applications on Windows and Mac.
Most of the references to it are for mobile apps that are by nature small applictions.
Are there well known large cross-platform desktop applications developped with Xamarin?

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  • DelpierreDelpierre Member ✭✭

    Thanks John, that helps.
    Our plan is to use the Xamarin Forms whenever it is possible and go to a platform-specific UI when needed.
    Probably most of the main screens will be platform-specific with only basic screens that use Xamarin Forms.
    The main part of my question is confirm that Xamarin has a sufficient support for macOS which would mean that:

    • most Xamarin Form controls work with the macOS and Windows 10
    • most platform macOS native controls can be included in a macOS platform-specific UI.
    • most platform Windows native controls can be included in a Windows platform-specific UI (using WPF for example).
      As of today, we have serious doubt in this area as 99% of the Xamarin literature is about mobile.

    Is it realistic to rely on Xamarin to develop a professional desktop application for Windows and Mac?

    I agree that getting the input from a Xamarin staff member would help a lot.

  • DelpierreDelpierre Member ✭✭

    Since my previous posts, I've played with VS2017 and the VS2019 Preview.
    My feeling is that Xamarin is still completely oriented to mobile devices.
    The development of Desktop applications (Windows mainly) may be possible but it looks like it could be a nightmare as VS is terribly slow...
    Has anyone an experiment in developing a Windows / MacOS cross platform desktop app?
    I'm kind of back to square 1: "Are there well known large cross-platform desktop applications developed with Xamarin?"

  • oclandioclandi Member

    Hello Delpierre,

    did you make any further steps on this topic? I am in the same boat: a large medical (imaging) application which is windows based.
    I would like to have Mac support, and as much as possible a single codebase.

    Options for cross platform:

    • Xamarin/.net
    • Embarcadero Delphi
    • Qt/C++
    • Cross platform C++/HTML UI.
    • Cross platform core/ platform specific UIs

    Each solution has strong advantages and drawbacks.

  • cbdcbd Member ✭✭

    You can get versions of the .NET Core to run on MacOS and Linux.
    Obviously there will be changes/fine tuning for each platform but it may be a viable solution if you don't need mobile support.

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