Native library (.so file) with a jar wrapper file locations


I am trying to use Xamarin Android app on a special android device that has a RFID reader attached to it. The SDK for the reader comes as 2 native libraries (.so files) and 2 respective jar files that are java wrappers around the native .so files.
I tried using the SDK in android studio just to test and that works perfectly fine, however file locations there are very straightforward (jar files go under libs and so files go under jniLibs/armeabi).

In Xamarin I added a separate jar library project to the solution and imported the 2 jar files. VS generated c# code for them and this part works well. But the question is where do I put the .so files? I placed them under jniLibs/armeabi in the android project and set them to NativeAndroidLibrary option, but the app blows up with a missing .so file error when I am trying to use the functionality of the .so file.

Does anyone know of an article/tutorial that explains this use case, where I have .so file and a jar wrapper? Only ones I found on google were either jar only or .so only via DllImport


  • jezhjezh Xamurai Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Could you please post details about the exact position where you put the .so files?

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