HELP: everything is going fine! code compiles, VS Emulator starts, App is deployed, debugging works!

jddjdd USMember ✭✭✭

I use
Windows 10 Pro 1803
VS 15
Xamarin.Forms v28.0.0.1
Android SDK Platform 27
Android 8.1 targeted

I meet unusual behaviour of VS, Xamarin and VS Emulator.
When I compile my code, it compiles with no error (odd!).
Then I start debugging the Android Project. The VS emulator starts, the App is deployed. The App starts on first attempt (weird!).
They the bebugging breaks on break point. I can run the App step by step.
The code does exactly what I expect it to do (bizarre!).
I can commit my work and push it.
What is going right?
This seems fishy.
Should I install VS 2019 preview? or should I wait for the next NuGet package update to meet new bugs?

I tried to rebuild, delete bin and obj, restart the computer and VS. Everything still runs well.
Does anybody has a solution?

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