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Back problem not binding updated data

Hi, I'm new to Xamarin development and I'm working on an app whereby I navigate to a view details page, then click on an Edit button. This takes me to another page where I can edit fields. These two pages are bound to the same view model. When I save the details, we display a modal popup indicating the changes have been successful. When the user then clicks on the back button, it takes them back to the details page but although the changes have been saved to the database, they are not being reflected on the page. The back button has the Navigation PopAsync functionality. Is there a way of forcing the details into refreshing please? Can somebody please advise? Thanks


  • Dangermouse500Dangermouse500 Member ✭✭
    edited February 2019

    Hi, I realised that I had worked out the ViewModel fine, it works as expected in terms of the update. The problem was that my .xaml page amalgamated the address into a single string omitting spaces if necessary, etc.

    As this Formatted string is not strictly part of the model, it didn't update. If I simply stated the address fields one after the other it was fine. Hope this helps someone out one day!

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