Access Photos Gallery and Camera Issue

Hi all,
i am giving permission to access gallery and camera.these are the permissions in info.plist(NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription,NSCameraUsageDescription,NSPhotoLibraryAddUsageDescription) .when i click on gallery icon (it is not asking permission at that time) it is directly going to gallery and i am selecting photo after that it is asking that time if click on Don't Allow even though it is accessing photos .i am not giving permission to access photos .it is working fine in xamarin android only the problem is with xamarin ios
my code is
if (!CrossMedia.Current.IsPickPhotoSupported)
await DisplayAlert(TaskyeConstants.PHOTOSNOTSUPPORTED,TaskyeConstants.NOPERMISSION, TaskyeConstants.OK);
var file = await Plugin.Media.CrossMedia.Current.PickPhotoAsync(new Plugin.Media.Abstractions.PickMediaOptions
PhotoSize = Plugin.Media.Abstractions.PhotoSize.Small,
CompressionQuality = 50,
RotateImage = true,
MaxWidthHeight = 50,
if anyone have idea about this please tell me the reason

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