Xamarin Profiler, snapshots and cycles not working

I am attempting to profile my app, but unfortunately I am having a lot of issues with the Xamarin profiler.
1) There is an alarming lack of "recent" documentation. The newest stuff I found was from 2017, and referenced buttons, options, etc. no longer in the profiler.
2) The Snapshot button does not seem to work. When I press it, it gets greyed out and cannot click it anymore.
3) Roots & Cycles: once I stop the profiling. It stays in the "Detecting cycles. Please wait..." state for 10+ minutes.

The profiler, seems to have been working better in 2016-ish (videos from xamarin chanel 9) then it is currently working.

being rant
So far my xamarin experience is not the best. From posts without accepted answers, to tools which don't seem to work. I am wondering why this product event exists and makes me want to develop natively each passing day. Great job MS!
end rant


  • JPickettJPickett Member

    I am experiencing the same issues with the Xamarin Profiler. I'm run VS2017 15.9.6 Enterprise and Xamarin Profiler

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