Xamarin.Forms.Map doesn't work for Android 9

Hello. I use Xamarin.Forms.Map in my portable app xamarin. If I run my app for Android version lower 9 map loads fine. If I try to run my app for Android 9 I get the message: "Unexpected failure occurred in the app".
This is the codes fragment from the page app:
public MainPage()
Helper.CurHelper.OnLocChg += CurHelper_OnLocChg;

            var map = new Xamarin.Forms.Maps.Map(); // Here is crush in Android 9
            curMap = map;
            var stack = new StackLayout { Spacing = 0 };
            Content = stack;
            this.Title = "Map";
        catch (Exception ex)


I set the comment where I get an error in Android 9. If I use the lower version I do not have problems with this code!
I do not understand why!
Help me, please!


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