What screenshots to submit in App Store Connect, for new Xamarin iOS app

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I'm confused re what screenshots to submit in App Store Connect, for new Xamarin iOS app. The app is designed to run on iPad, and was designed using the Xamarin iOS Storyboard tool using constraints to create 2 basic layouts: "iPad Pro 12.9 inch" and "iPad Pro 9.7 inch".

In App Store Connect, under Prepare for Submission, if you click "Show all sizes in Media Manager", under "iPad Pro 12.9-inch display" there's a subsection for "9.7 inch display" and is says for that size, use "iPad Pro 12.9-inch display".

And under "iOS Screenshot Properties", under 9.7-inch iPad, for "Screenshot source" it says "Default is scaled 12.9-inch iPad pro".

But my 12.9-inch and 9.7-inch layouts, as designed in Storyboard, are different -- can't just scale to 12.9-inch to 9.7-inch.

So am confused as to what to submit. Any help appreciated.

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    Thanks you, very helpful... Just one related question: On the 9.7-inch, which is 1536x2048, they say to exclude the status bar, so that the submitted image s/b less 40px: 1536x2008. But on the 12.9-inch, they don't mention that... they just ask for 2048x2732. So do they want the full screen image including status bar?

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    Official apple documentation that is always up-to-date


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