App on Android Pie has issues with making HTTPS requests

DennisLeeDennisLee USMember ✭✭
edited February 8 in Xamarin.Android

running into an issue with an existing app. When running on Android Pie, the app (and any third party library) will frequently have problems with making any HTTP/HTTPS request, it is not entirely consistent. When I first deploy the app to a device running Pie, where the app does not previously exist on the device, it will work. When I later return to the app, or re-start the app, it may hang because all HTTP/HTTPS requests in the app fails. The error that appears in the log is this: Message: failed to connect to (port 443) from / (port 47568) after 120000ms: isConnected failed: ETIMEDOUT (Connection timed out)

If this occurs, and then I turn off WiFi, the app will work just fine over cellular data. I've confirmed in all cases that a WiFi connection exists and is working when the problem occurs.

When I added proxy (Charles) to try and see the requests over WiFi, I did not see anything, so it looks like the requests are not making it out at all.

Any ideas?


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