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When NUnit 3 Will be Supported, What is the future of Xamarin.UITest Vs. Other Automation Tools?

SajidSidiSajidSidi USUniversity ✭✭
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I have two questions in single quote.

  1. When NUnit 3 will be supported to Xamarin.UITests?
  2. What is the Future of Xamarin.UITest? As there is no improvement and interesting releases for Xamarin.UITest against other Mobile automation tools in the market (lets say Appium). Here NUnit 3 is also not being supported by Xamarin. We have already started and reached 60% completion of Mobile Automation using Xamarin.UITest, so now question is what is the future (plan) of Xamarin.UITest? Are we on right path by selecting Xamarin.UITest for Automation?

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