Firebase Messaging Notifications stopped working

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I'm having a problem with an App I'm working on. Notifications used to work fine but ever since I updated the Xamarin Google Play and Firebase packages they stopped. I have followed the samples available numerous times and nothing fixes it. The problem seems to be that the MESSAGING_EVENT service is not working. I can get a Token fine and test messages are also sent fine. It is when they arrive that the App does not know what to do with them.

This is what I get on the Output right after sending the message:

02-04 22:56:31.382 D/FirebaseMessaging( 2461): Unknown intent action:

I researched further and the generated Manifest actually has two different services for ""!!!

This is supposed to be mine:

<\service android:name="md5d6784224fb59318896fbd2225d685b43.FirebaseNotificationService">
<\action android:name="" />

Further below there is also:

<\service android:name="" android:exported="true">
<\intent-filter android:priority="-500">
<\action android:name="" />

Is this normal? I wonder if that is reason.

Has anyone here experienced something similar?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

PS - Sorry for the escape characters but I cannot post images here yet.


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    Ok, it seems to be a Visual Studio build issue. I built the project on another PC and notifications work fine. Weird...

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