AppStore Version is not equal to iTunes version

Hi all,

I am using this code to get the "AppStore AppVersion" of my App,

On Feb 2nd I have released an App to AppStore as Version 2.4.3 (Available for users to download), but when I ran my code on Feb 3rd and tried to print console "Version Number @ iTunes ="; I was expecting to see it as 2.4.3 but I see it as 2.4.2 only,

Where could have I gone wrong? I am confused, (I am using this appStoreAppVersion to compare and send an alert to users if they are not on the latest version). (If I am not clear Please ping me in person)

Code Snippet:
var dictionary = NSBundle.MainBundle.InfoDictionary;
string applicationID = "org.XYZ";
NSUrl url = new NSUrl($"{applicationID}");
NSData data = NSData.FromUrl(url);
NSError error = new NSError();
NSDictionary lookup = NSJsonSerialization.Deserialize(data, 0, out error) as NSDictionary;

if (error == null
    && lookup != null
    && lookup.Keys.Length >= 1
    && lookup["resultCount"] != null
    && Convert.ToInt32(lookup["resultCount"].ToString()) > 0)
            var results = lookup[@"results"] as NSArray;

                if (results != null && results.Count > 0)
                    appStoreAppVersion = results.GetItem<NSDictionary>(0)["version"].ToString();

                    Console.WriteLine("Version Number @ iTunes  = " + appStoreAppVersion);


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