Are bugs going to be fixed ever in xamarin.ios storyboard designer?

gaborxgaborx USMember ✭✭

Hi there,
there are millions of bugs, errors, half-done stuffs in the storyboard designer of xamarin.ios in VS (windows).
Menus which empty with empty submenus, or with default texts (clearly the programmer add it but never used it).
Icons with no image, which opens empty menus.
Multiple times I have to select and de-select the same controller to see the properties.
In one project it can see the images and show them in drop-down (for example for buttons), in other project it asks me to add the image. When I add the image, it ask again to add the image, and again...and again...but the image never added.
Constantly complaining because the storyboard is not saved (even straight after I saved it, or didn't even opened to change it)
Constrains set, and automatically unset within seconds. To change or set more then two constrains I have to set one, save, close and re-open the designer and set one again...etc.
It just change properties over sometimes randomly when I open it, or just clear the name of a controller randomly.
I need sometimes 10-15 mins to change the name of a simple UIImage box because it doesn't want to save it. I have to do it 4-5x times when once it gets saved.
I like Xamarin but that designer is the most bug-full software what I ever seen in my career.
I can't even get how a company can release something what is clearly not even in beta version.
So my question is that, is it going to be fixed, or at least fully finished ever ?

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