Xamarin and android studio is like each other ??

Hi there . I have a question . I'm learning android studio with java because about 90% of the companies in my country works with android studio . But i like the c# and visual studio . I work with visual studio for many years
My question is , can I learn xamarin and android studio together ? I want to know their codes of android are same ?is the only difference in syntax ?


  • MicialMicial USMember ✭✭

    The benefit that learning Xamarin is you could separate out all of your business logic into a Xamarin.Forms, and use it in Android, iOS, UWP, and Windows Phone. One logical code base, four platforms. And for those wanting to reuse existing C# skills, and avoid Java, this is a huge benefit.

    But if you only need to develop an Android project and didn't need to reuse your existing C# code, I would recommend you to use Android Studio(with Java or kotlin).

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