Launching an UrhoSharp UWP app from another UWP app

LKeeneLKeene Member ✭✭

Hello. I'm creating a UWP UrhoSharp app as well as another 2D (non-UrhoSharp) UWP app. I'd like the 2D UWP app to programmatically launch the UrhoSharp UWP app. I found a Microsoft blog discussing how UWP apps can launch and deep-link into each other (search for "Using cross-app communication to make apps work together (10 by 10)") which initially looked like exactly what I need. However, the problem is that in the blog they state that the app that is to be launched by another app needs to modify its "App.xaml.cs" file in order to handle the "OnActivated" event. In all the UrhoSharp tutorials I've been following online they all remove the "App.xaml" and "MainPage.xaml" classes in order to implement a different entry point, so it looks like this is going to be a problem. Can anyone provide some guidance as to how I can launch my UrhoSharp UWP app from my other UWP app?

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