xamarin-component.exe adding DLL and XML with methods properties description


So, working batch, for creating component, looks like this:

xamarin-component.exe create-manually DBreeze-61.0.xam --name="DBreeze" --summary="Add a huge amount of awesomeness to your xamarin apps." --publisher="tiesky.com" --

website="http://dbreeze.tiesky.com" --details="Details.md" --license="License.md" --getting-started="GettingStarted.md" --icon="icons/DBreeze_128x128.png" --

icon="icons/DBreeze_512x512.png" --library="android":"bin/DBreeze.dll" --sample="Android Sample. Demonstrates Awesomeness on Android.":"samples/Awesome.Android.sln"

Question: I need to supply with the DLL also XML file with DLL's properties and methods description.
If I add --library="android":"bin/DBreeze.xml", it will fail.

How it should be done?

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