Display difference (new objects) between Snapshots in Xamarin Profiler (MAC)


I just started out using the Xamarin Profiler on my MAC in the latest version. I want to compare 2 snapshots and identify the new objects that have been created from the first to the second one. Is it possible to order the columns or to filter the data to only display the objects that are new for snapshot 2?

Also I am using the Profiler in german and I can see 5 columns in the profiler in the snapshot tab: Name, Count, Size, Average and a fifth column where the caption is "Beinhaltende...". I am not able to make that column larger to read the full caption and there is no tool tip and I can't find anything in the documentation. Could you please give me a hint what that column shows?

The reason why I am so interesed in only the new objects is because the amount of rows in my snapshots is rather large. I know that I can enter filter expressions, but I would rather see everything new instead of maybe hiding crucial information by accident.


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