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Native debugging is broken?

rjmrjm CAMember ✭✭✭

Running my iOS app on device, I would like to debug some of our native code. As far as I remember, this used to work (once upon a time).

Following the instructions here:

Attaching with Xcode using a "dummy app" simply doesn't work. The Xamarin app won't deploy over the top of the "dummy app" - I simply get a "read error" when the package is validated.

Attaching directly from Xcode doesn't work. Xcode will hang indefinitely on "Waiting to attach"; and if you try to stop it, Xcode will freeze and need to be force quit.

The instructions for the lldb method are incomplete. After running "lldb -s /tmp/mtouch-lldb-prep-cmds", what am I supposed to do next? How do I get lldb to connect? Trying "continue" doesn't work ("the process must be launched").

Is it not possible to debug native code in a Xamarin.iOS app anymore?



  • rjmrjm CAMember ✭✭✭

    As usual, after writing this I figured it out

    After "lldb -s /tmp/mtouch-lldb-prep-cmds" completes, and you are at the (lldb) prompt, run

    "process launch"

    To start the app with debugger attached..

  • rjmrjm CAMember ✭✭✭

    How about via Xcode? Does anyone know?

    This would be a much better experience...

  • eldohcleldohcl Member

    someone was able to fix this ?

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