xamarin OpenGLView gesturerecognizers events doesn't fire

I have a multiPlatform XamarinForms Vs2017 project (.NET standard, Android & WPF).

I'm using a DependencyService due to a custom OpenGL 3D library.
I can set up OpenGLView correctly but i can't figure out how can track gestures.

Both GestureRecognizers applied to OpenGLView and its parent doesn't work as expected events doesn't fire.
I'm trying with Frame=>OpenGlView but the problem seems to be the OpenGlView .

The question is:

has OpenGLView (WPF) the ability to handle touch events like any other Xamarin standard component ("gesturerecognizers")?

[sources]: hp: // davidemercanti.altervista.org/VEV/SydavHtml.zip
[images]: h
ps: // i.stack.imgur.com/MVQgB.png

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